4 Reasons Your Weight Loss Workouts Don’t Work

So you've been working out regularly for a few months and you're feeling fit. There's only one problem—you haven't lost much weight. With obesity at an all-time high worldwide, you deserve applause for making an active effort to lose weight.

But if you're not seeing the results you had expected, it could be because you're doing something wrong. Healthy weight loss isn't just about exercising. It involves a complete lifestyle change. Take a look at some of these common reasons why people fail to lose weight despite exercising regularly:

1. You're focusing solely on cardio

Cardio is crucial for every workout routine, because it strengthens the heart and boosts metabolism. But if you're doing too much of it or if you're only doing cardio, you may be unable to lose the weight you had desired. In fact, it might even have the opposite effect.

Solution: Exercising is a great way to lose weight, but you need to perform the right exercises in the right balance to achieve ideal results. Avoid doing more than 50 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio in a day. Mix it up with strength training, high intensity interval training and aerobic exercises to tone your muscles, burn calories, and increase your flexibility. When you start feeling too comfortable doing the same routine, challenge your body with a more intense workout routine.

2. You're not sticking to your diet

You've heard how it's always necessary to be on a diet in addition to working out regularly. But a lot of people have the habit of adopting a new diet every other week because they've heard it "really works well" for this person or that person. Switching from one diet to another will only hamper your weight loss efforts; it could even be harmful for your health in the long run.

Solution: Choose a diet that seems to work for you and stick to it. You can make improvements and adjustments now and then, but don't get into the habit of trying every new diet that hits the fitness scene.

3. You're not eating right

You say you've been on a proper diet and you've been sticking to it for months. But what if your diet just isn't the right one for you? Maybe you're missing out on some essential nutrients because you're too watchful of what you eat. Though cutting down on portions is crucial for weight loss, your diet still needs to be balanced and healthy for optimal health and fitness.

Another possible reason why you're not losing weight is that you might be eating the right foods on the wrong day.

Solution: Don't starve yourself, but don't over eat either. Eat healthy, natural foods at the right time and in the right amounts. Try to distribute your food consumption evenly based on different days. For instance, foods rich in complex carbs (like whole wheat pasta and brown rice) are ideal on days you workout.

During rest days or days when you do light cardio exercise, stick to protein and veggies and cut down on starch. Avoid simple carbs and processed foods at all cost, since they can hold back your weight loss progress.

4. You're not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep can harm your health and damage your weight loss efforts. When you don't get enough shuteye, your body automatically switches into carb-craving mode, and this can lead you to indulge in unnecessary snacking and overeating. This naturally has a negative impact on your weight despite the fact that you are working out regularly.

Solution: Try to maintain a proper sleep schedule, one that allows you to get at least 7 hours of sleep per day. At the same time, avoid sleeping too much since that can have a reverse effect and leave you feeling tired and inactive. Anywhere between 6 and 9 hours of sleep per day should be ideal for adults.

These are among the most common reasons why people don't lose sufficient weight despite working out regularly. If you're guilty of one or more of them, address the issue and make the appropriate lifestyle changes that promote healthy weight loss. Are you making any of these mistakes?

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